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“How can I use my pupils’ languages in classroom when I don’t speak them myself?” “How can the local minority language (e.g. Basque, Frisian) be supported and promoted when there are other languages in the classroom?” “How can I spend an equal amount of time on every pupils’ language, without having it taking over my lessons?”.

These are actual questions from teachers who want to create a multilingual classroom where pupils are allowed and stimulated to use their home language(s). Most teachers are very motivated to incorporate their pupils’ languages but don’t know how. Therefore the VirtuLApp team has collected these questions and presented them to experts in the field of multilingualism. In short videos they give their perspective and concrete ideas about  the creation of multilingual classrooms. The VirtuLApp team hopes that with these videos teachers get inspired and will be able to create their own multilingual approach and stimulate their colleagues to do the same.

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