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On this page we provide links to other projects and initiatives that you might find interesting

The mission of the international RUTU Foundation is to significantly increase the size and significance of the mother tongue education domain while cultivating the circumstances required for a sustainable future for mother tongue education. On the RUTU website you will find resources and stories about multilingual education as well as information about the ongoing campaign being managed by this initiative.

Ynspirearjend Meartalich Underwiis/Inspirerend Meertalig Onderwijs is a joint effort of associate partners Cedin and NHL-Stenden. The aim is to cooperate with schools to develop, improve and implement inspiring methods and materials for multilingual eduation, with Frisian at the basis. Information is available in Dutch and Frisian. Some projects are available in other languages as well, such as Taaltreast/Taaltroos/Language Comfort.

The Edina project provides support to schools, teachers and municipalities in the reception and integration of newcomer pupils in the education system. Edina has developed a programme consisting of a training module to develop specific teachers’ skills and (intercultural) competences, a training module to promote active differentiation within the classroom, and a toolset and resource base to optimise the reception, observation and transition processes of newcomers.

The Erasmus+ project Teaching in Diversity (Teach-D in short) identified a gap in teacher training and created a handbook on teaching in diversity and an online training course for teachers and teacher trainers. It helps teachers to teach diversity, to teach in diversity and to manage diversity. It includes a module on teaching in multilingual settings.

E-Validiv is a multilingual digital learning environment (only available in Dutch) where parrot Pi guides pupils through different themes regarding world orientation. It is aimed at pupils in the last three classes of primary school. It is freely available to teachers and pupils who have access to the Flemish teaching platform KlasCement. All learning activities are available in seven different languages (Dutch, English, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Turkish).