Virtual Language App

The VirtuLApp project group develops an innovative multididactic approach which teachers can use in the classroom in any multilingual situation.

VirtuLApp poster presentation at the 17th International Conference on Minority Languages in Leeuwarden

Three of our team members, Margherita Burdese, Marlous Visser and Lisanne de Jong, (Mercator/Fryske Akademy) have presented the VirtuLApp project with a poster at the 17th International Conference on Minority Languages, held in Leeuwarden from 22-24 May. Almost 250 researchers, policy makers, students and others interested in minority languages participated this conference. The poster session…
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Diversity Management resources for teachers

Teaching in Diversity, Teach-D for short, was an Erasmus+ KA2 project that created resources for teachers interested in enhancing their skills in diversity management. Led by the European Center for Minority Issues (ECMI), the project included 9 partners from different EU countries. One of the outcomes of the project is a Handbook on Teaching in…
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European Commission thinking on multilingual classrooms

According as the number of children attending schools in Europe has become more diverse in terms of language, it is hardly surprising that the European Commission has been putting extra resources into the topic of Multilingual Classrooms. This site provides an interesting overview of the Commission’s activities in this area and includes links to several…
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First recordings of didactic videos in Joure, The Netherlands

Material for the first of the VirtuLApp didactic videos was recorded on 13 March in the Openbare basisschool Twa Fjilden in Joure. The VirtuLApp team took a ‘fly on the wall’ approach and recorded a series of different multilingual learning activities led by the teacher, Gerrie Bakker. Interviews with several pupils and Gerrie along with…
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Kick-off meeting 15 and 16 October 2018

The kick-off meeting of VirtuLApp took place at 15 and 16 October 2018 in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. The meeting was hosted by the Mercator European Research Centre.

VirtuLApp’s activities

To disseminate VirtuLApp’s goals, activities and products, the partners organize five Multiplier Events in each partner country, to which VirtuLApp’s stakeholders will be invited. The VirtuLApp team will organize special workshops during these events in which experts in multilingualism will share their knowledge with the stakeholders, and in return the stakeholders are asked to share their…
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