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VirtuLApp wins prize European Language Label!

Virtual Language App

VirtuLApp wins prize European Language Label!

We are thrilled that VirtuLApp has won the second prize in the European Language Label/ Europees Talenlabel 2021, the Netherlands!

VirtuLApp entry for the Europees Talenlabel 2021

The European Language Label

The European Language Label is an award encouraging the development of new techniques and initiatives in the field of language teaching and learning, as well as the enhancement of intercultural awareness across Europe. The Label is awarded annually or biannually to the most innovative language learning initiatives in Erasmus+ programme countries. The Label seeks to raise the standards of language teaching across Europe.

In the Netherlands, the Europees Talenlabel is awarded annually by the NUFFIC.


The first prize has gone to Digi+, by NHL-Stenden Hogeschool, a project to with a bilingual Dutch-German learning method for primary education. The third prize has gone to PraktiTrans, by Wachstumsregion Ems-Achse, which offers digital tools to connect people from both sides of the German-Dutch border.

An overview of the winners can be found here