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VirtuLApp’s activities

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VirtuLApp’s activities

To disseminate VirtuLApp’s goals, activities and products, the partners organize five Multiplier Events in each partner country, to which VirtuLApp’s stakeholders will be invited.

The VirtuLApp team will organize special workshops during these events in which experts in multilingualism will share their knowledge with the stakeholders, and in return the stakeholders are asked to share their experiences and what problems they are facing.

The Multiplier Events dates:

  • 17 & 18 October 2019, Gent, Belgium
  • March 2020, Dublin, Ireland
  • November 2020, Brussels, Belgium
  • March 2021, San Sebastian/ Donostia, Spain
  • August 2021, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Teachers are also actively involved in the creation of the app and the handbook as every partner will organize discussions.