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Multilingual Classrooms webinar proves to be popular

132 people were actively involved in the Multilingual Classrooms webinar that we organised on Thursday 7 January together with UCLL in Belgium. 240 people from 27 countries registered for this multiplier event so we were really delighted with the response which highlights the interest there is in supporting pupils’ learning in multilingual classrooms in so…
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Register now for Multilingual Classrooms event on 7 January 2021

Our next online VirtuLApp event is called Multilingual Classrooms and we are organising it jointly with UCLL, Belgium on 7 January 2021. This event is open to anyone interested in teaching in multilingual classrooms including teachers and school leaders, teacher trainers, researchers and stakeholders. This fully online event is organised as a mix of presentation…
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Study reveals huge imbalance between students awareness of language and their use of it

Eider Saragueta, a research member of the Virtulapp project team and the DREAM research group, recently presented her Ph.D. thesis entitled “Translanguaging hezkuntza eleanitzean. Ikerketa etnografiko bat” (Translanguaging in multilingual education. An ethnographical study). As part of this doctorate, Eider carried out a two year ethnographical classroom study following primary school students in 5th and…
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