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Register now for Multilingual Classrooms event on 7 January 2021

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Register now for Multilingual Classrooms event on 7 January 2021

Our next online VirtuLApp event is called Multilingual Classrooms and we are organising it jointly with UCLL, Belgium on 7 January 2021. This event is open to anyone interested in teaching in multilingual classrooms including teachers and school leaders, teacher trainers, researchers and stakeholders.

This fully online event is organised as a mix of presentation and break-out sessions for small group work and discussions. During the presentation sessions, our speakers will be describing how multiple languages are dealt with in primary schools in different regions of Europe and how learning can be supported in multilingual classrooms through different tools and approaches. Our breakout sessions will go into specific approaches, tools and strategies. All presentation sessions will be in English and the break out sessions will be in a mix of Dutch and English, check out the programme for details.

Please note, you can choose to register for any or all of the full day programme. Check out our website for the full programme and register here.